How To Give Out Positive AF Energy

In my previous blog I shared my theory on everyone’s hidden superpower. That is, a feeling-oriented energy bubble powerful enough to influence our perception of reality. It’s commonly known as the Law of Attraction, but I like to describe it in a more modern way coming from personal experience and in-depth research (hence the term energy bubble).

So, I promised to explain how we can build up a positive af energy. But before we get started, I want to help drive home the relatively simple point for my techie audience who may be oblivious to the topic. Below is a function I made up to predict the kind of experience someone’s about to have, based on my theory. It’s written in ES6 JS 😏.

let predictExperience = (feeling) => {
if (feeling === "good") {
energyBubble += 1;
return "WHOO! You're about to have some good ass moments."
} else if (feeling === "bad") {
energyBubble -= 1;
return "Sorry love, you're about to have some lame moments."

As trivial as it sounds, our feelings are a great indicator of whether or not we’re about to have a good time. What I’ve learned from the past 2 years of applying the LOA, and reading the works of Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts, Gabrielle Bernstein, Jane Roberts, Louis Hay, Dolores Canon, Sadhguru, and Abraham Hicks, is that the more we feel good, or in other words; the easier it is for us to feel good, the thicker our energy bubble gets. And once our bubble is thick enough, we not only have a more solid foundation of faith, self-love, acceptance and trust (aka be more in alignment with our true, loving inner self), we also have, for the lack of better words, a positive enough vibe to share with and influence everyone or everything around us.

Notice how the positive stuff is starting to make the negative stuff positive? Lol.
let alignment;
let vibration;
if (energyBubble > 10) {
alignment = true;
vibration = strong;
} else if (energyBubble < -10) {
alignment = false;
vibration = weak;

I call this energy bubble a “hidden superpower” because the experience of being in complete alignment with yourself and mastering the art of not giving a f*ck to the point where people are attracted to your sense of freedom allows you to live life the exact way you see fit. I’ll explain more on what exactly I mean by this in the next blog.

But for now, it’s time to share the list of tools I have on deck to help me feel good when I’m stuck in a rut of self-doubt, fear, lack, etc. Cause if you haven’t already noticed, in order for alignment to be true and vibration to be strong, you must have a thick enough energy bubble. And to thicken that bubble, you’ve gotta have enough “feel-good-moments”.*

Ways To Feel Good Again When You’re Feeling Like Shit

  • Strategize on a Distraction: Make an active effort to think a different, kind and loving thought. In other words, choose love over fear. Or do something else other than what is making you feel bad at the moment. Literally pick anything else other than that.
  • Meditate: Either silently or with a guided meditation. There are so many guided meditations on Youtube that you can potentially relate with. Whether you’re feeling doubt, jealousy, fear, there is a unique guided meditation available for you to help ya outta those shitty thoughts; trust me, I’ve listened to them.
  • Sleep: When all else fails, eat whatever the hell you want, let out as many tears as you need to, and take a rest. Sometimes the only way to get a clear mind is by sleeping off all of the nasty thoughts. Just make sure to meditate as soon as you wake up though; that’ll help keep up your momentum of 0 negative thoughts.

*Just a side note, there’s obviously a lot of factors I’m leaving out to keep this article simple like consistency, duration, or causes of “feel-good-moments”.

That’s it for today,

Do you have another trick up your sleep that you use to help you feel good when shitty thoughts linger? Share them in the comments section below; I’d love to hear them.

Alright, see y’all on Monday! But if you want to stay in touch until then, catch me on 💁Twitter, Youtube or Instagram.



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