Why I Needed To Grieve Before Moving Forward

A Week Off

Things I Learned About Myself

  • I love living in Seattle and would love to continue living here. (Why Seattle? I honestly have no idea. For some reason, I just feel like I’m at home here.)
  • I based 75% of my self-confidence on my job. (Lesson learned: Self-confidence comes from feeling more in alignment with who I truly am, which is a badass Filipino woman who has overcome adversity and has come out stronger every single time.)
  • I never, ever want to go back to college and try to finish my degree. (Why? College isn’t for me. I understand how valuable a degree is for most people. But I’m one of those who would much rather learn what I want to learn from others in a not so college-stressful way. In other words, I’d rather pay my dues in other, personally, more fun ways.)

A General Life Vision

My New Plan

  • Re-doing lessons #0–4 of the c0d3 curriculum in both JavaScript & Go. (JS because I need to polish up & Go because it’s a neat, popular cloud software language.)
  • Attempting/learning at least 3 LeetCode questions per day.
  • Developing MVP of Woga.
  • Continuing to write (shorter) blogs which answer cloud-related questions from Monday-Friday.
  • Continue reading on my spare time (Cracking the Coding Interview, The Phoenix Project, The DevOps Handbook, Docker Deep Dive, Kubernetes Up & Running, Cloud Native Infrastructure, The GO Programming Language).
  • Working out, meditating, and refraining from alcohol to keep myself in alignment with my goals.

That’s it for today,



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